About Jessica

You never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory – capture it!

When asked what I wanted to be when I grow up, I was lost. I wanted to be everything!! Happily, after earning a degree in Elementary Education from Niagara University, I realized my “college job” of photography was actually my passion. After eight years of working in the field, and with the unwavering support of my amazing husband, I took a leap, launched Jessica Popovich Photography, and haven’t looked back! Originally operating out of our fourth bedroom, Jessica Popovich Photography now welcomes clients in a custom-designed 700 square-foot dedicated studio space in Tonawanda – a move that happened just in time to set-up the crib for our third baby! As a mom of three precious, rambunctious, adorable children.  I have endless patience, backed up with

easy-going kindness, but when needed.  I can turn on my teacher voice! I completely understand the nerves that sometimes come with being the subject of a photo session, and have more than a dozen years of experience calming those nerves.  As a mom, I can completely relate to new mom worries (and pain). I know that capturing joy in children sometimes takes crazy-silly, and sometimes takes calm patience, and sometimes takes singing “The Wheels on the Bus” while waving around a bag of Cheez-Its. I even have my own portrait-dreading husband. I understand the stress that comes with a photo session, and I also know that when they see their portraits, my clients always decide it was worth it. If you want genuine, beautiful photographs of your life, I’m your girl.

Top 10 things about me

1. Husband, started dating as babies, age 13 & 14

2.. My kids- I wanted to be a mom since i can remember

3.  Very protective of my family time- zoo trips, hikes, long bike rides with silly bike trailer

4. Did you know... i waited to find out the gender of each of my children until they were born!

5. We foster animals every summer because our oldest daughter has an animal obsession, its an amazing lesson and so much fun

6. We love trips! Small road trips overnight or week long trips in Disney.... we even make way to many trips to dairy queen!

7. I love to read. i don't allow myself to read much because i ignore chores, work and my family when i have a good book

8. Movies- I love new funny movies and old reliable movies like 50 first dates, couples retreat, ELF, and Christmas vacation while I'm editing

9. My family- I come from a wonderful family, i had a stay at home mom and hard working dad. They are always near by when I need help & a babysitter. My mom is kindness and my dad is where my workaholic genes come from. I am the oldest and loudest of 3 children. I also have the worlds best in-laws who have and would do anything for me.

10. Life. I am so blessed. I remind myself daily to not sweat the small stuff, we need for nothing.